Buyers Guide

Umpire Pants Buying Guide

Jan 21st, 2022

A guide through umpire pant colors, best for the Plate or Base umpire, pleated or flat fronts, fabric, fitted or expanding waistband, and care.

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The Best Umpire Ball Bag

Nov 3rd, 2021

Find the best umpire ball bag for you based on you preferences - waterproof, color and number of baseballs or softballs.

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Umpire Shin Guards Buying Guide

Apr 28th, 2021

Warning. Below could be the most comprehensive buying guide on umpire shin guards ever written or the driest. Most likely, it's both. Regardless, reading it should help you choose which shin guard is right for you. This is why you are reading it, right? Umpire shin guards today do offer greater protection…

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