Umpire and Referee Gloves Buying Guide

Oct 11th, 2019

Umpires and referees should consider warmth, grip and palm color (especially umpires) when deciding between gloves.

Typically, the gloves with the most warmth sacrifice grip and dexterity due to their bulk. Gloves with more grip and dexterity usually sacrifice warmth.

You will find the right combination of warmth, grip and dexterity here based on the weather and the functions you perform (e.g. a plate umpire needs more grip and dexterity for indicator, writing and ball bag use than a base umpire).

Umpire and Referee Gloves for Buyers Guide

Glove Rankings for Warmth

  1. Franklin ColdMax Gloves
  2. Neumann Black & White Officials Gloves
  3. Neumann All-Black Officials Gloves
  4. Franklin All-Weather Pro Gloves
  5. Nike All-Black Therma Gloves
  6. Manzella All-Black Ultra-Max Gloves
  7. Under Armour V2 ColdGear Infrared Field Gloves

Glove Rankings with Best Grip

  1. Neumann All-Black Officials Gloves
  2. Franklin All-Weather Pro Gloves
  3. Under Armour V2 ColdGear Infrared Field Gloves
  4. Nike All-Black Therma Gloves
  5. Neumann Black & White Officials Gloves
  6. Franklin ColdMax Weather Gloves
  7. Manzella All-Black Ultra-Max Gloves

Some officials want all-black gloves and some want black with light colored palms. The white palm color is important to enhance signal visibility to your crew, coaches, players and spectators.

All-Black Gloves

Gloves with White or Grey Palms

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