UMPLIFE V2 Flex Umpire Mask Harness with Cam Buckles

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This is the 2nd version of the neoprene mask harness umpires have been talking about. Ray Brownlie of UMPLIFE, the maker of the magnetic wallets and hard case cap carriers has done it again. The addition of plastic cam buckles to securely hold the elastic straps in place makes the V2 the most unique and functional umpire mask harness on the market.

Using innovative materials and design, Ray has made what some are saying is "the best umpire mask harness they've ever worn". While it looks like a traditional harness, in Ray's words it's simply "way better".

Ray's secret is a combination of lightweight neoprene and elastic. The result is a non-slip, extra comfortable fit that makes taking your mask on and off a breeze. Plus, this one-of-kind harness has built-in loops for your excess straps. Easily thread them through at the top and sides for a super-clean look with less hassle (cutting and/or taping your straps are no longer necessary).

Worn at all levels of baseball including college, MiLB and MLB - where it is worn by umpires such as Greg Gibson, Stu Scheurwater, Tom Hallion, Alan Porter and Will Little.

Made with the quality, durable construction you expect in UMPLIFE products, this is an upgrade worth making.


  • Neoprene base with elastic attachment straps
  • V2 Upgrade: Cam buckle attachment to securely hold elastic harness straps
  • Upgraded stitching and reinforced at attachment points
  • Loops to control excess harness straps
  • Double-stitched for durability
  • UMPLIFE on back of harness
  • Universal design makes a great upgrade or replacement on all umpire masks
  • One-size-fits all.
  • Color: Black

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How to Attach the UMPLIFE V2 Flex Umpire Mask Harness with Cam Buckles to Your Mask

Brandon Lawson shows you how to easily install your UMPLIFE Mask Harness with Cam Buckles.

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Official Reviews


Arnold C.

Weslaco, TX

January 4, 2023
Let me start off by saying that I love Ump-Life gear and appreciate anything Ray Brownlie puts out to make our lives on the field easier but this has go to be the worse. It took me 20 minutes to install the new harness. Then when I finally did I had to adjust the straps as much as they could so the mask wouldn't fall off my head. I have a giant melon at 7 ¾ so that should tell you something. I ordered 2 but I will be returning and sticking to the All-Star or Force3 harness.

Kelly M.

Wahpeton, ND

November 2, 2022
This harness is my all-time favorite! It adjusts well and looks sharp with the straps tucked in neatly after adjusting the harness. My straps are no longer "hanging in the wind" while I work the plate. I also like that the neoprene grips well and does not allow my mask to slide as other harnesses do.

James E.

Gainesville, FL

September 25, 2022
After umpiring for over 14 years now and wanting something new besides the old crappy mask straps. I tried Umplife’s and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s comfortable and fits great. I’ve purchased 3 now for my all my mask. Thanks Umplife!!

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Questions About This Product

Q: Does this work well with the All-Star Cobalt skull cap and a regular cap?
– Tom Harmsen

The Neoprene material of this UMPLIFE V2 Flex Umpire Mask Harness will accommodate and grip an All-Star Cobalt skull cap or regular cap well.

– Ty Unthank
Marketing Specialist, HS & College Umpire

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