Baseball & Softball Umpire Throat Guards

Sizes: 4" (inches) | 6" (inches) or more

Easily add on any umpire throat guard to any mask or helmet. This accessory will reduce (but won't eliminate) the natural gap that occurs while you are in your stance from balls that are deflected at an angle, especially those in the dirt. The longer the throat guard, the less the gap. Each throat guard comes with straps for connection to the mask.

Your throat guard MUST be long enough in YOUR stance to where when a baseball hits the throat guard that the throat guard hits your chest protector and NOT your throat.

BEST PRACTICE: After you put your throat guard on your mask, put on your mask, get in your stance wearing your chest protector in front of a mirror and check, and then doublecheck, that the throat guard is long enough by moving it inward to your CP. If it misses your CP and touches your throat, it is NOT long enough.

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