Baseball & Softball Umpire Gear Packages & Starter Sets

"I'm just starting to umpire. What do I need? How can I save the most money?"

You need "The Basics": cap, shirt, pants, mask, chest protector, shin guards, belt, ball bag, indicator & brush

See our specific recommendations below for the BEST professional look with the MOST savings. Consider the Champro Starter Gear Set (most of the basic umpire protective gear) or the umpire kit (ball bag, indicator & brush).

From our blog: Uniform and Equipment Essentials for New Umpires

As you get more game assignments & make some money, you'll come back to our BASEBALL page & want to upgrade to the higher standard equipment used by the experienced umpires. We've even created a BUYERS GUIDE to help you determine which product is best suited for you as you move up the ranks.

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