Crew How-To: Crease Your Umpire Cap Just Like the Pros

Apr 9th, 2020

As an umpire, your appearance on the field is very influential on the players, coaches and fans. Maintaining a well-kept uniform will show your authority and that you care about your job.

Brandon with Creased Umpire Cap

Putting a crease across the front of your umpire cap is one of many ways an umpire can make a good impression and stand out from the players and coaches. Our own Brandon Lawson will show you how to crease your umpire cap - just like the pros!

You will need:

  • Hot iron
  • Ironing board (or other safe surface)
  • Wet cloth or t-shirt
  • Umpire cap

Step 1

With your fingers, fold a crease just under (in front of) the front eyelets of your umpire cap. Pull outward a few times along the crease to begin forming the crease.

Step 2

Lay your cap on the ironing board with the crease flat against the board. Place your wet cloth over your cap. This will prevent you from burning the material of the cap.

Step 3

Set your iron to its hottest setting. Once heated, place the iron on the wet cloth and apply pressure. Run the iron along the crease and bow outward to extend the crease upward. You should have steam coming from the cloth/iron.

After a few seconds, repeat step 1 by pulling outward along the crease. If you’d like, you can bend the point of the crease towards the front of the bill. The cap is most pliable when it is hot.

You will repeat steps 2 and 3 about four or five times until a well-defined crease has been made permanent.

The result is a very professional, precise and permanent crease in your umpire cap.

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