Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Charcoal Grey Umpire Plate Pants with Expander Waistband

S396X Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Expander Waist Charcoal Grey Umpire Plate Pants

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  • S396X Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Expander Waist Charcoal Grey Umpire Plate Pants
  • S396X Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Expander Waist Charcoal Grey Umpire Plate Pants
  • S396X Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Expander Waist Charcoal Grey Umpire Plate Pants
  • S396X Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Expander Waist Charcoal Grey Umpire Plate Pants
  • S396X Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Expander Waist Charcoal Grey Umpire Plate Pants
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By popular demand, the hottest umpire plate pants on the market are now available with Smitty's expander waistband.

A 3” expander waistband maximizes flexibility and comfort, especially when combined with 4-way stretch poly-spandex material that is breathable, wicks away moisture and moves with you.

Get the same highly-polished poly-spandex umpire plate pants in a rich charcoal grey, but now with a waistband that expands 1.5” on each side.


  • Sewn-in saddle seat for added strength to meet the demands of plate work
  • Silky smooth fabric slides easily over your shin guards when you get in your stance (fabric won't get caught)
  • Adequate room in knee to fit all shin guard brands and styles (approximately 12.5" diameter as measured off size 38 waist)


  • 1.5" elastic expander waistband on each side allowing for up to 3" expansion
  • 92% polyester and 8% spandex for an innovative 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you
  • Fabric spreads and lifts moisture from the skin for a cooler and lighter fabric feel
  • Athletic cut for comfort and durability
  • Pleated-front with standard slash pockets
  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric
  • Color: Charcoal grey
  • For baseball and softball


  • Reinforced-stitching throughout
  • Premium quality double clasp combined with inside support button
  • Upgraded brass zipper will hold up better than plastic zippers
  • Detailed matching grey pocket lining and grey back button with loop on left pocket (say "no" to tan buttons)
  • Wide-reinforced belt loops fit all style and size umpire belts and provide the right amount of spacing, especially in the back - with adjacent loops evenly spaced (no more large gaps or un-professional triple side-by-side belt loops found in other brands)
  • Pressed crease
  • Non-roll, gripper waistband helps keep your shirt tucked


  • Sized for true fit with no need to size up (unlike with other brands).
  • Umpire pants are unhemmed to allow you to tailor to your specifications.


  • Machine wash cold and tumble dry on low
  • No dry cleaning required

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Crew How-To: Pressing and Ironing Your Umpire & Referee Pants

Ty gives you detailed, step-by-step, instructions to keep your umpire or referee pants looking sharp and crisp.

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Official Reviews


Rob H.

Honolulu, HI

June 8, 2021
I was a bit skeptical when I saw them online and referred to as “golf pants,” but I decided to try them for the spring season. When I first got them, I thought they would be wrinkly but that’s not true. I have only used them for the plate and only for about 20 games, bit I am very happy with them. I can’t say yet whether they hold up to ball abuse and sun, but so far there are no issues. Of course, it’s easier to see dirt on charcoal compared to heather, but the dirt brushes off pretty easily. Very comfortable and relatively cool. I will order a pair for the bases.

Ty L.

Kent, OH

May 24, 2021
I decided to get new umpire pants after going 20 years with Fecheimer flat front heather gray plate pants. I went with charcoal gray because it seems everyone from MLB on down is wearing them. The problem is they only come with a pleated front. No one in human history has ever looked good in pleated pants. It looks absolutely awful. I am 6’3 190 and it’s just a horrendous look. I just don’t understand why Smitty wouldn’t offer a flat front in charcoal pants. It’s hard to “look the part” when you have these ridiculous looking baggy pleated pants. Terrible.

Nik U.

Portsmouth, NH

May 17, 2021
Nice umpire pants for plate work. A bit too voluminous for bases but not too bad overall. Be sure to allocate time to hem these pants as they come unhemmed from the store. This is indicated in the product description but I missed it in my haste to replace a pair of pants that had developed a hole.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Do the pants expand 3” past the stated size? Example size 32” would expand to 35”?
– Scott Blackford

Yes, that is correct Scott. The pants expand up to 3" more than the pants waist size.

– Brandon Lawson
Support Specialist, Pro Umpire School Graduate and Umpire, Football Official & Basketball Referee

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