Sports Officiating Resources & the Coronavirus Pandemic

Jun 8th, 2020

Business communications & charity

Update Message on COVID-19 and Business Operations (5.20.20)
Latest from President Jim Kirk as sports re-open

Message to the Officiating Community on COVID-19 (3.18.20)
Early message after sports shutdown

Smitty Making Cloth Masks - Buy One, We'll Donate One
Campaign from us, NASO and Smitty to donate 10,000 masks to hospitals and non-profits around the country


SUMMARIZED: NASO's 13-Point Plan: Getting Back to Officiating Sensibly
Addresses personal hygiene, social distancing, masks wearing and electronic whistles for officials

Mindset for Social Distancing Guidelines
From TSEUA President & Assignor John Gallante

Social Distancing Behind Home Plate
Could this solution provide the best compromise for umpires, leagues and safety?

Calling Balls/Strikes from Behind the Mound?
Follow this easy safety tip to avoid line drives with optimal mechanics.

Electronic Referee Whistles As Alternative for Sports Officials During COVID-19
Learn about issues with traditional whistles as it relates to spreading tiny droplets and wearing cloth masks.

Cloth Masks Available Here
Not just for officiating, high-quality, ready-to-ship masks for family, friends and co-workers to help slow the spread of COVID-19

Sports by State

The (Nearly) Definitive State-by-State Guide on All Sports Re-Openings
Started, planned or TBD, we have the updates for your state.

High School Association Status by State (NFHS)

Unemployment Resources

Haven't Gotten Your Unemployment Benefits Yet? (Officials) You're Not Alone (Silbo)
Overview of how Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) provides support to officials ineligible for standard unemployment coverage

State-by-State Independent Contractor Unemployment Resources (NASO)
Links by state for more info and to sign up

Important & Urgent Message for Officials Who Have Lost Games/Money (
Contacting government representatives regarding Coronavirus Stimulus Bill


AAU Basketball / Volleyball Update
From AAU President Dr. Roger J. Goody

American Legion Update
Updates, communications and resources

Cal Ripken Guidelines
Return to play policies

Little League International Coronavirus Update Section
Best practices, resumption guides and league communications

MAVA Update
Requirements and Expectations

Updates, communications and resources

NFHS Officials Specific Section
Multiple columns on coronavirus-specific topics and access to free learning tools.

PBR Update
Updates from President Sean Duncan

Perfect Game: Weekly Updates | Event Guidelines

Pop Warner Update
The latest updates

USA Softball Resources
Updates, communications and resources

USSSA Update
Updates, guidelines and FAQ’S

WBSC Guidelines


Center for Disease Control COVID-19 and Considerations for Youth Sports
Principles, risks and best practices on maintaining healthy environments

Referee Magazine's "Officiating During the COVID-19 Crisis"
(Updated daily) News articles and resources around the globe on officiating and officals' impact with multiple sports and levels

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