All-Star CPU4000 Umpire Chest Protector Replacement Pads

 All-Star CPU4000 Umpire Chest Protector Replacement Pads

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Designed to fit the System Seven umpire chest protector, these pads are easily removable and machine washable. Multi-layer padding with UltraCool mesh for protection and comfort.

  • Small-12"
  • Large-15"


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Official Reviews


Mike W.

Naperville, IL

September 3, 2020
Great comfy light removable pads - and for only $10!!!! This addition makes the All-Star CPU4000 even better - swap in new pads for the second-half of a steamy quadruple-header. Or, throw them in the wash when you get home late and not have to worry about getting them dried for your game the next morning. Incredible deal! If you have a CPU4000 you'd be crazy not to buy a second set of pads at this price!

Aaron L.

Montgomery, AL

July 12, 2017
Perfect replacement or second set of pads for hot days. Be aware it is only the chest pads.

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WARNING: Participants in any sports activity assume risk of injury. This equipment may be used to help aid in preventing or reducing the extent of injury. No equipment can guarantee umpire or player safety from injury during participation, and use of this equipment carries no such guarantee. Do not use any umpire equipment that is damaged in any way.