All-Star FM4K Sun Visor

All-Star FM4000 Mask Sun Visor

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  • All-Star FM4000 Mask Sun Visor
  • All-Star FM4000MAG Black Mask Sun Visor
  • All-Star FM4000 System 7 Silver Mask Sun Visor
  • All-Star FM4000 System 7 Black Mask Sun Visor
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Deflect sun rays and give a unique look to your All-Star umpire mask with this FM4K Sun Visor made of high quality shatter-resistant polycarbonate.

The visor has built-in UV protection and a blue-chrome mirror shine. Fits both All-Star FM4000 (System 7 steel) and FM4000MAG (magnesium) umpire masks.


  • Reduces glare from sun or bright lights
  • Does not restrict visibility
  • Lightwieght, sleek design
  • Color: Cobalt Blue Chrome
  • Easily attaches to All-Star FM4000 masks (Magnesium & System 7 steel)
  • All-Star logo at right side
  • Not compatible with FM25-series or any other traditional facemasks or helmets

No hardware is required to attach. Remove top mask pad. Slide visor from behind center bars with edges of visor laying on top of the edge mask frame bars. Feed center Velcro strap through center slot of visor, followed by left and right Velcro straps throught left and right visor slots, around the mask frame and connect straps.

Product Video

Crew How-To: Installing the All-Star Sun Visor

Follow along as we give step-by-step instruction for installing the All-Star Sun Visor for Magnesium and Steel FM4000 model umpire masks.

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Official Reviews


Keith W.

Heath, OH

June 1, 2023
We finally have a visor option for the MAG and FM4000 steel umpire masks! They look great and help to "finish" the mask, in my humble opinion. Contrary to what many people think, these do actually help to keep the sun off your hat brim, thereby making you somewhat cooler. They also help to repel rain from pooling on your brim, which helps you to stay locked in on the pitch when raining. My only complaint is that it is only available in cobalt blue. Bright blue doesn't look as nice on a black frame, in my opinion. I'd much rather have a chrome/silver or black option in those situations, but I'll take what I can get.

Matt B.

McDonough, GA

February 16, 2023
I love this sun visor! It's a perfect fit and provides a great barrier for Sunny GA! I 100% recommend it with All-Star masks!

Ralph B.

Victoria, BC

June 16, 2022
Perfect fit on the All-Star Magnesium umpire mask. Easy to install and does the job of blocking out the glare from lights and sun. It also deflects rain off the Skull caps bill. Makes the mask look extra sharp!

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Questions About This Product

Q: Does the All-Star sun visor fit the Champro Rampage or not?
– Jess Aldred

This sun visor will only fit All-Star FM4K Steel and Magnesium frame masks.

– Brandon Lawson
Support Specialist, Pro Umpire School Graduate and Umpire, Football Official & Basketball Referee

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