UMPLIFE Flex Umpire Shin Guard Harness

ULF-SGSTRAP UMPLIFE Flex Umpire Shin Guard Straps Together

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  • ULF-SGSTRAP UMPLIFE Flex Umpire Shin Guard Straps Together
  • ULF-SGSTRAP UMPLIFE Flex Umpire Shin Guard Straps Right
  • ULF-SGSTRAP UMPLIFE Flex Umpire Shin Guard Straps Worn Back View
  • ULF-SGSTRAP UMPLIFE Flex Umpire Shin Guard Straps Worn Side View
  • UMPLIFE Shin Guard Strap Instructions
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The Flex Umpire Shin Guard Harness from UMPLIFE features pre-crossed support straps. This design reduces irritation from traditional shin guard straps and keeps the back of the knee free of pressure points.

The UMPLIFE Flex Shin Guard Harness is compatible with all umpire shin guards. Simply remove your existing metal or plastic buckles from your current shin guard straps (or purchase new buckles). Thread the Flex straps into the buckles at the bottom-most 3 attachment points on your shin guards.

Note: If you have shin guards with 4 straps/buckles, you will want to continue to use your topmost strap.


  • Neoprene base with elastic attachment straps
  • Double-stitched for durability
  • Right & Left specific straps
  • 3 attachment points per leg
  • UMPLIFE logo on each harness
  • One size fits all

Product Video

Crew How-To: UMPLIFE Flex Umpire Shin Guard Harness

Are your legs irritated by stock shin guard straps? Watch as we install this innovative solution from our friends at UMPLIFE for ultimate comfort.


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Official Reviews


Jayden M.

Charlottetown, PEI

October 19, 2023
These would be great if the upper straps were longer. Even let all the way out, they are too tight for me.

Dennis L.

Wetter (Ruhr), NRW

July 10, 2023
Great product. In contrast to the conventional belts, its an absolute improvement. No more slipping of the leg guards when adjusted correctly. Comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. But look to make sure if you need hooks. With my Wilson shin guards, I had to reorder the hooks because they do not use these clasps.

Robert H.

Woodbridge, VA

June 6, 2023
All of the UMPLIFE products are great, but these are my favorite. As a coach and umpire, shin guards’ straps are always a problem. Having to stop the game so they can be fixed. Ray's shin guard harnesses keep them tight to the leg and reduce movement without compromising comfortability.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Will these fit the Wilson Pro Gold 2 Shin Guards?
– Matt Barksdale

Yes, this harness set will replace the bottom 3 stock elastic straps of the Wilson Pro Gold 2 Shin Guards. The upper most strap will remain. Remove stock metal hook from stock elastic straps and feed UMPLIFE Flex harness straps through the tension slots of the metal hook.

– Brandon Lawson
Support Specialist, Pro Umpire School Graduate and Umpire, Football Official & Basketball Referee

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