Metal Chest Protector Replacement T-Hooks - Pair

Umpire Chest Protector T Hooks

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Replacement metal T-Hooks for your umpire chest protector.

Replace when your T-Hook breaks or is rusty. A rusty T-Hook will eventually break (at the worst possible time) or may stain your umpire shirt.

1 1/2" size for use with:

  • Wilson Platinum
  • Wilson Gold
  • Wilson Charcoal
  • Champion P2
  • Diamond Pro

Not compatible with others.

Given umpire chest protector T-Hooks, including these, are made of metal (not stainless steel) it's important to wipe moisture off them after use.

If you purchase a third-party harness, also check to see if your T-Hooks need replacing as these harnesses do not include metal T-Hooks.

Product Video

Crew How-To: Replace T-Hooks on Your Umpire Chest Protector

Most T-Hooks for Chest Protectors harnesses have 2 slots. Our replacement T-Hooks have 3 slots to better secure your harness strap. Follow along to see how to install a new set of T-Hooks.


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Official Reviews

May 27, 2024   Verified Purchase
These are great replacements for my vest chest strap. Cheaper than a new vest.
January 7, 2023   Verified Purchase
Works as described.
December 4, 2022   Verified Purchase
I don't necessarily love or hate the metal clips but, they will rust out and this is a cheap fix. I'd pay more for a good quality stainless. Then again, for the money, if I replace them every few years...so be it.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Are these compatible with Champion Body Armor?
– Zachary Kozek

These T-Hooks are compatible with the Champion P2 model chest protector.

– Holly Montgomery
Customer Service Specialist

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