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Easily clean your umpire or referee cap with Ballcap Buddy Liquid Cap Wash. Can be used for hand-cleaning or paired with the Ballcap Buddy Original Cap Washer Cage for use in the dishwasher. The all-in-one bottle with bristle tip makes scrubbing away dirt, grime and sweat stains easy.


  • Liquid soap for safely and gently cleaning and scrubbing your caps
  • Soft scrubbing brush attached gently scrubs away dirt, grime and sweat
  • Safe for pre-treating, hand-washing and dishwasher
  • Specially formulated for ballcaps
  • Completely Biodegradable


Pre-wash or Hand-cleaning: Squeeze bottle and apply a small amount of Cap Wash Liquid to the dirty area of your umpire or referee cap. Cap can be placed on the Cap Cage while cleaning the outside to help keep its shape. Scrub gently with the integrated brush on top of the bottle. Rinse with clear water and repeat if necessary.

Dishwasher: After pre-washing as described above, place cap into Cap Cage. Apply Cap Washer Liquid to the area that needs cleaning. One fluid ounce is sufficient. Add your usual dish-washing tab (NO LEMON). Run dishwasher on eco or lowest temperature cycle. Let cap dry completely before removing from Cap Cage. This will help retain its form. 


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Official Reviews


Tommy E.

Lexington, KY

October 9, 2019
This works great! Used it on several very dirty white caps and they are now clean and usable again. I'd recommend getting a little sturdier plastic brush for scrubbing, but definitely recommend this product!

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