NoSweat Cap and Helmet Liners

NSXTRA NoSweat Cap and Helmet Liners

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  • NSXTRA NoSweat Cap and Helmet Liners
  • NoSweat Cap and Helmet Liners
  • NoSweat Cap and Helmet Liners
  • NoSweat Cap and Helmet Liners
  • NoSweat Cap and Helmet Liners
  • NoSweat Cap and Helmet Liners
  • NSXTRA-3-PAK-NoSweat Cap Liners - 3 Pack In Hat
  • NSXTRA NoSweat Cap and Helmet Liners
  • NSXTRA NoSweat Cap and Helmet Liners
  • NSXTRA NoSweat Cap and Helmet Liners
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NoSweat's patented design and Dri-LID technology is engineered to absorb forehead sweat and clear your line of vision. The game-changing technology permanently locks and seals all sweat inside the core, allowing the surface of the product to be completely dry, even when it is fully saturated.

NoSweat is worn by all NHL Officials and field-tested by MiLB Umpires during the 2017 season and an officially licensed product of the PGA Tour.

Choose either a pack of 3 or 12 (best value - you save $9.97) liners.


  • Must have for sweat absorption for umpires and referees who wear a cap or helmet
  • Prevents sweat from dripping into your eyes allowing you to see more clearly
  • Helps prevent sweat stains and extends the life of your umpire or referee cap (or helmet)
  • Reduces fogging of sun or prescription glasses
  • Thin, soft and lightweight won't add weight or bulk
  • May help with acne & skin irritation
  • Disposable and easily replaceable
  • Does not affect cap sizing
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  1. Peel - Label covering adhesive
  2. Place - Inside headwear at the desired position using adjustable V-SLITS
  3. Stick - Firmly press along the edges and main area of NoSweat
  4. Replace - After activity or when NoSweat becomes fully saturated

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NoSweat Installation

See how to properly install NoSweat Disposable Hat and Helmet Liners


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Official Reviews


Jeremy H.

Utica, OH

September 29, 2023
As someone who sweats a lot this has been a hat saver and made those hot days much better at keeping sweat down. It does make the cap slightly tighter but with the FlexFit hat it's not really noticeable and with the fitted cap, I didn't notice either. Next summer I will definitely be adding a few more of these to my bag and caps.

Kyle H.

Fort Collins, CO

August 24, 2023
I know it says it doesn't affect the sizing, but my head is just slightly small with a size 7 fitted cap, and oftentimes shifts when I take off my face mask. Adding this really helps while helping with sweat management during those hot days behind the plate!

Chris R.

Pasadena, TX

August 10, 2023
If you are a football official or baseball umpire, and you don’t have this product, then you should check it out. I no longer miss pitches because sweat is rolling in my eyes. I can make accurate calls on the football field without the worry of sweat running in my eyes. Great product. Highly recommended.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Are they disposable or can you continue to use them once they dry out?
– Jim Woodring

The liner is intended to be disposable and replaced once saturated with sweat. However, the average user finds that they can typically get 2-5 uses before it becomes fully saturated, depending on the amount one sweats.

– Josh Mann
Pro School Umpire Graduate

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