Force3 Dry-Lo Umpire Ball Bags - Set Of 2

Force3 Dry-Lo Umpire Ball Bags - Set Of 2

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  • Force3 Dry-Lo Umpire Ball Bags - Set Of 2
  • Force3 Dry-Lo Umpire Ball Bags - Set Of 2
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The Force3 Dry-Lo Umpire Ball Bags is now available as a set!

By popular demand, inspired by professional umpire Mark Lollo’s original design, these handcrafted ball bags are high quality, oversized, heavy-duty, and water-resistant to keep sweat off of the baseballs.

Sold as a set, one ball bag has pockets to hold accessories. The other has no pockets to allow for quick and easy access to game balls.


  • Enhanced 100% polyester for greater durability, strength, and quality 
  • Signature “home plate” design between the belt loops
  • “Water-Safe” polyester fabric bonded with a special high-strength glue 
  • Slightly tapered edge to help keep baseballs in the bag while running
  • Fits up to 6 baseballs or 3 softballs
  • Available in black
  • Set of 2 Ball Bags
    • 1 WITHOUT POCKETS - no more getting your hand or fingers caught as you reach inside for game balls
    • 1 WITH POCKETS - 3 total pockets, 2 are approximately 4.5"H X 4.5"W, and 1 is approximately 4.5"H X 2"W
  • Approximately 12"H x 12"W
  • Ball bag depth is 9.5"


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The Dish: Ball Bags for Baseball & Softball Umpires

Follow along as we guide you through our selection of umpire ball bags. These bags are available in various colors, functions, and ball capacity.


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Official Reviews

March 25, 2024   Verified Purchase
I have been using this bag for over 10 years and it is very effective for gaming on rainy days. I will continue to use it forever.
August 24, 2023   Verified Purchase
I like the set option. These are great when there will be some rain, but I find them difficult to get your hand into with how rigid they are.
August 23, 2023   Verified Purchase
High-quality ball bags. The only issue with them is that they are a little stiff and at times the balls are difficult to remove quickly. They can comfortably hold 5 baseballs per bag.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Can you purchase the set without pockets only?
– Michael Ketterman

At this time, the Force3 Dry-Lo Ball Bags without pockets can only be purchased as a single item; but, of course, you can purchase as many as you would like!

– Holly Montgomery
Customer Service Specialist

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