Force3 Dry-Lo Umpire Ball Bag - Without Inside Pockets

F3-DRYLO-BK Force3 DryLo Umpire Black Ball Bag Worn Side View

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  • F3-DRYLO-BK Force3 DryLo Umpire Black Ball Bag Worn Side View
  • F3-DRYLO-BK Force3 DryLo Umpire Black Ball Bag Worn Side View with Baseball
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  • F3-DRYLO-N Force3 DryLo Umpire Navy Ball Bag Worn Side View with Baseball
  • F3-DRYLO-NP Force3 Dry-Lo No Pocket Umpire Ball Bag
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By popular demand, a special NO POCKET Force3 ball bag has been released - exclusively to Ump-Attire.com - for those of you who do not like your hands getting caught by the inside pockets when you reach for baseballs or softballs. If you don't keep your lineup card, indicator, plate brush or pen in your ball bag, this is the ball bag for you.

This ball bag was inspired by professional umpire Mark Lollo’s original design and are handcrafted ball bags of high quality, oversized, heavy duty and water-resistant to keep sweat off of the baseballs.

When Lollo was working in The Gulf Coast League in 2002 it was a struggle to keep the baseballs dry. He enlisted his Grandmother Bernie Jorgenson to design a new and improved ball bag that would help to withstand the heat and the sweat of a baseball game. Grandma went into action and designed an amazing ball bag that could withstand the torment of a hard worked game.


  • NO inside pockets won't allow fingers or hands to catch as you reach for baseballs or softballs
  • Enhanced 100% polyester for greater durability, strength, and quality 
  • Signature “home plate” design between the belt loops
  • “Water-Safe” polyester fabric bonded with a special high strength glue 
  • Slight tapered edge to help keep baseballs in the bag while running
  • Available in black or navy
  • Approximately 12"H x 12"W
    • Bag depth is 9.5"
  • Fits up to 6 baseballs or 3 softballs
  • Price is per individual ball bag, not a set of two

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Follow along as we guide you through our selection of umpire ball bags. These bags are available in various colors, functions, and ball capacity.


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Official Reviews


Wayne S.

Clarksville, TN

May 22, 2022
Good for heavy sweaters in the summer. If you like to have more than 2 balls in each bag these umpire ball bags are not for you. Very tight, I wish they made them with an expansion or wider.

Mark P.

Hendersonville, NC

April 18, 2022
Very nice ball bags, they fit well and have enough space for balls and plate brush.

Lee B.

Kosciusko, MS

February 16, 2022
Great product and looks good. I would recommend to take them out and to stretch the pockets before a live game, pockets are tight with 3 baseballs on the inside. But all in all, great product.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Does the black ball bag match the black ball bag with pockets? Are they different shades of black?
– Tyler Fortenberry

The shade of black is similar on both the pocket and no-pocket Dry-Lo ball bags. The stitching pattern is different, which causes the two products to not look identical.

– Josh Mann
Pro School Umpire Graduate

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