Force3 Universal Umpire Mask Bag

F3-MASKBAG Force3 Umpire Mask Bag

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  • F3-MASKBAG Force3 Umpire Mask Bag
  • F3-MASKBAG-Force3 Umpire Mask Bag Hanging With Mask Inside
  • F3-MASKBAG-Force3 Umpire Mask Bag With Mask Inside
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If you are using anything else to carry your umpire mask, pitch it. For those who care about their most vital piece of equipment, only the best mask bag on the market for baseball and softball umpires will do.

Soft cloth-like breathable polyester combined with a heavy-duty pvc lined bottom plus a drawstring is perfect for carrying any size or brand mask.


  • “FORCE3″ embroidered at the bottom.
  • Measures approximately 14.5" x 15.5"


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Official Reviews


James G.

Gibbsboro, NJ

August 16, 2021
I kept hearing about these new magnesium umpire masks, so since I needed a new mask, I decided to give the magnesium style a chance. These magnesium masks are not cheap, but definitely worth the money. The Force3 Universal Umpire Mask Bag is exactly what you need to protect your mask in between games. Like the Force3 shin guards bag, the cloth-like polyester with heavy duty PVC lined bottom provides a durable and protective fabric that will keep your mask from getting scratched by other equipment in your traveling umpire bag. An umpire's mask is an umpire's most valuable piece of equipment, so it should be treated that way. Wouldn't recommend any other bag for your mask, then this mask bag by Force3.

Carlos S.

Honolulu, HI

May 15, 2021
This is a great bag. Mask fits perfectly. Exactly what I was looking for.

Miguel C.

Vineland, NJ

July 10, 2020
Great product.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Does the bag fit a Hockey Style Helmet?
– John Mertes
A: No, the Force3 mask bag will not fit a hockey style helmet. However, the Force3 helmet bag is larger and will work perfectly.
– Josh Mann
Pro School Umpire Graduate

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