Force3 XL / Umpire Plate Shoe Bag

F3-SHOE-XL Force3 XL / Umpire Plate Shoe Bag

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  • F3-SHOE-XL Force3 XL / Umpire Plate Shoe Bag
  • Force3 XL / Umpire Plate Shoe Bag
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The Force3 XL / Umpire Plate Shoe Bag is the longest and widest shoe bag available for sports officials.

The bag is made of heavy-duty construction for frequent storage and use. Great for umpire plate shoes, mid-cut field or court shoes and any shoes of any size including 13 through 15.

Keeps shoes from getting crushed in your suitcase or equipment bag and has ventilation to allow moisture to air out after each game, plus keeps the rest of your uniform and gear from getting dirty or muddy from your plate shoes.


  • Airy, top mesh for ventilation
  • Made of 600-denier ripstop polyester
  • Hand-carrying strap
  • Force3 logo embroidered on front
  • Red accent piping
  • Designed to fit a pair of plate shoes or any other non-plate shoes of any size through 16 (see below for exception)
  • Measures 9.5”w x 14.5”l x 4.75”d: 1/2 inch wider and 1 inch longer than the standard shoe bag


  • New Balance Mid-Cut Plates (except 15 4E)
  • New Balance Low-Cut Plates (except 15 4E)
  • Smitty Mid-Cut Plates
  • 3n2 Low-Cut Plates
  • Any non-plate mid-cut (or low-cut) umpire or referee shoes


  • 3n2 Mid-Cut Plates (just a bit bulkier than the New Balance)


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Official Reviews


Benjamin B.

Brooklyn, NY

August 17, 2021
Force3 got it right! Good fit.

James G.

Gibbsboro, NJ

August 16, 2021
The Force3 XL Umpire Shoe Bag is a must have that allows you to carry your umpire base or plate shoes from game to game. I use this bag to carry my plate shoes inside of my traveling umpire bag. The XL size gives plenty of room to fit either your low or mid cut plate shoes without a problem. The heavy duty construction allows for frequent use and storage without having to worry about the bag breaking down. Especially after I get done working a game, I don't want my plate shoes in the same bag with the rest of my equipment, getting everything dirty. This bag allows for me to store those dirty plate shoes, but with the top mesh section allows those shoes ventilation to air out at the same time. The sturdiness of the bag prevents your umpire shoes from getting squashed or smashed, when traveling to games. Force3 does an outstanding job with their bags for umpire equipment. I wouldn't purchase a bag for my umpire equipment or shoes, unless it says Force3.

Matt W.

Center, TX

July 7, 2021
Ideal for umpire plate shoes or any pair of shoes you choose. Very easy to use. I will buy the same product in the future.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Can I wash it in the washing machine?
– Greg Harrowe

Yes, this shoe bag can be washed in a washing machine in cold water and like colors.

– Sherie Sandifer
Office/Service Manager

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