Fox 40 Whistle Protective Pouch

WPOUCH Fox 40 Reusable Cloth Whistle Protective Pouch Side View with Whistle

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  • WPOUCH Fox 40 Reusable Cloth Whistle Protective Pouch Side View with Whistle
  • WPOUCH Fox 40 Reusable Cloth Whistle Protective Pouch Side View
  • WPOUCH Fox 40 Reusable Cloth Whistle Protective Pouch Front View with Whistle
  • WPOUCH Fox 40 Reusable Cloth Whistle Protective Pouch In Use Front Angled VIew
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The Fox 40 Whistle Protective Pouch is designed to protect the user and others in close vicinity from droplets while still maximizing sound power to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Manufactured using 100% moisture resistant polyester fabric to seal around the Cushioned Mouth Grip of your Fox 40 whistle so it will not block the chambers.

The Pouch is best used with a Fox 40 Classic CMG or Fox 40 Fuziun: Reducing output by only 1.5 dB, which is hard to detect by the human ear.

Comes with an elastic loop to connect your lanyard and can also be used handheld. 

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Fox 40 Hygienic Whistle Solutions

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Official Reviews




October 23, 2020
Great idea, but the fabric's too thick and greatly muffles my Fox 40. Sounds very awkward.

Donald D.

Gresham, OR

October 21, 2020
Seems like a viable item under the current circumstances. Bought to be prepared for what comes next.



October 9, 2020
Ok, this is a great idea but there's gotta be a better way to secure it. You velcro it around the mouthpiece so you basically have to open wide and get velcro and cloth in your mouth to blow or find the sweet spot placement to get your lips on the whistle and then velcro rubs against your lip. And the pouch is oddly shaped and large. I actually repurposed I one for my finger whistle. To do it turn it inside out and find the small flat seam, the end. Carefully cut a few of those threads to open a whistle tip-sized hole. Put a few stitches in to keep it from fraying open. 5-minute job. Flip it back the normal way. Slide velcro end on first to base of whistle and tip through holefold excess material and out loop through the male end of velcro. Voila. Now you can use finger whistle with it. I added a dab of super glue to the edges so it didn't fray.

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