Fox 40 EPIK Referee Whistle

WEPIK Fox 40 EPIK Referee Whistle

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  • WEPIK Fox 40 EPIK Referee Whistle
  • Fox 40 EPIK Referee Whistle
  • Fox 40 EPIK Referee Whistle
  • WEPIK Fox 40 EPIK Referee Whistle
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Fox 40 Whistles are the standard choice for officials worldwide.  The EPIK Referee Whistle provides flawless, consistent and reliable performance time and time again. Be an Experienced Professional In Kontrol with the EPIK line!


  • Integrated black over-molded Cushioned Mouth Grip(CMG)
  • Integrated grip ribs along top surface
  • Ergonomically designed shape for better fit in your hand
  • Ring has sleek black zinc finish
  • Easy to blow, optimized performance
  • Sound heard up to 1 mile away
  • 3 chamber pealess
  • 115 dB
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Official Reviews




June 2, 2020
I really like the feel of this whistle. I've never been a big fan of the rubber mouthpiece but I like this one! I can't wait to use it for the upcoming volleyball season!

Michael A.

Midland, NC

May 19, 2019
Great referee whistle. In the past I have used the Acme Thunderer and the Fox40 Classic. I like this one because the tone is different and it has a distinctive sound. Usually gets the play stopped without the need for multiple whistles.

Wayne S.

Clarksville, 0

December 26, 2017
Good whistle.

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