Fox 40 2-Pack Classic & Classic CMG Referee Whistles with Lanyard

W112-PK Fox 40 Classic & Classic CMG Referee Whistles with Breakaway Lanyard Default Image

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  • W112-PK Fox 40 Classic & Classic CMG Referee Whistles with Breakaway Lanyard Default Image
  • W112 Fox 40 Classic Referee Whistle
  • W112CMG Fox 40 Classic Referee Whistle with Black Cushioned Mouth Grip
  • Fox 40 Breakaway Lanyard
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This Fox 40 combo package includes a Classic referee whistle, Classic with Cushioned Mouth Grip and an 18" breakaway lanyard.

The Fox 40 classic referee whistle has a patented three-chamber design for faultless performance every time.

A cushioned mouth grip enhances the original Fox 40 Classic Referee Whistle for better grip and control.


  • 2 Pealess Whistles, one Fox 40 Classic and one Fox 40 Classic with Cushioned Mouth Grip. 1 Breakaway Lanyard also included.
  • The Fox 40® Classic® is the standard choice referees and coaches at all levels
  • The Fox 40® Classic® CMG® is cushioned to enhance the Fox 40 Classic whistle
  • The Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG)’s thermoplastic material provides superior grip and protection for teeth
    • Ideal for those who need to hold whistle in mouth for extended periods of time
  • No moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate; flawless, consistent, reliable
  • The harder you blow, the louder the sound
  • Easy to blow and cannot be overblown
  • Will be heard up to a mile away above ambient noise and loud crowds

Product Video

Hear the Fox 40 Classic Referee Whistle in Action

Fox 40 blows the Classic Referee Whistle.


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Official Reviews

April 30, 2023   Verified Purchase
The Fox 40 whistle is very loud and comfortable on your mouth. It is perfect for officiating all sports.
January 30, 2023   Verified Purchase
Whistle works great. Light weight and clear crisp sound.
November 14, 2021   Verified Purchase
This whistle is both loud and clear. Everyone at the event can hear it easily, I have used it at both indoor and outdoor events and there is no mistaking the sharp, loud, and clear sound it makes.

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