P-51 Hygienic Referee Whistle

P-51 Whistle

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  • P-51 Whistle
  • P-51 Hygienic Referee Whistle
  • P-51 Hygienic Referee Whistle
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Used by NFL, NCAA basketball, and NCAA football officials, this is the only hygienic pealess whistle in the world!

This referee whistle is a game-changer. Unlike traditional whistles that direct air and spit upward toward players, the P-51 Hygienic Referee Whistle directs it downwards, reducing the risk of health hazards and improving hygiene standards on the field.

Aptly named after the legendary P-51 Mustang plane that dominated the skies during World War II. The P-51 Hygienic Referee Whistle is designed to take your performance to new heights while keeping those around you safe.


  • Hygienic whistle choice of referees
  • Superior sound quality, but none of the spit
  • Droplets reduced by 95%+
  • 115 Decibels
  • Comfortable, food-grade silicon mouth grip will not deteriorate
  • Removable & Replaceable Cushioned Mouth Grip
  • Lanyard Clip Loop
  • Resealable packaging for storage
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Official Reviews

June 25, 2024   Verified Purchase
Love this whistle. The sound and spit are directed downward and away from everyone’s face and ears. I never thought of how loud other pea less whistles were especially to myself but I could really hear and tell the difference in the sound being directed away from my ears. When I used the P51 recently I asked if anyone had trouble hearing my whistle and no one said they did. And the spit going downward is a no brainer. Can’t wait for fall football to use it again.
March 5, 2024   Verified Purchase
I have learned to love this whistle. I only wish it came in a finger whistle for football.
February 7, 2024   Verified Purchase
Great whistle.

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Questions About This Product

Q: What is the decibel on this whistle?
– David Stefaniak

The decibel level is 115.

– Holly Montgomery
Customer Service Specialist

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