KoolBlues Umpire Chest Protector Cooling System

KB-CHEST KoolBlue Umpire Chest Protector Cooling System

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  • KB-CHEST KoolBlue Umpire Chest Protector Cooling System
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Wrap some coolness into your umpire chest protector with the KoolBlue's Cooling System. It helps baseball and softball umpires stay cool during those hot summer days with Thermafreeze ice packs strapped onto your chest protector in a pouch with elastic straps.

This is the first prototype designed and crafted by Indiana umpire Brad Finken.


  • Compatible with all umpire chest protectors
  • 10.5" x 8.5" cloth pouch
  • Elastic straps with Velcro attachment
  • 4 Thermafreeze reusable ice packs included


  • Submerge or soak the soft side of Thermafreeze ice packs
  • Wipe off excess water and place Thermafreeze packs into freezer
  • Bring to game in a cooler
  • Insert frozen ice packs in KoolBlues pouch at game site
    • 2 at a time is recommended by the manufacturer
  • Place KoolBlues pouch on the inside of your umpire chest protector with logo facing outward
  • Attach pouch in place with elastic straps around the front of your chest protector

Note: Ice sheets are not designed to stay cold for the entire game. Body temperature and outside ambient temperature are all factors in how long the ice sheets stay cold.

Product Video

In-Game Review: KoolBlues Umpire Chest Protector Cooling System

After 100 degree heat on the AAA Louisville Bats field, Evan shares how the KoolBlues kept him cool!

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Official Reviews


Perry A.

St. Charles, MO

May 28, 2022
Really work great but...when I brought them out this year. The packs lost their "rigidity" being in the freezer all winter. They basically became a cold piece of paper.

Robert C.

Metairie, LA

August 24, 2021
Working with 95 plus degree heat and looking for any way to handle the heat. This helps with keeping body temp down and games completed!!

Skyler W.

Sandy, UT

August 2, 2021
I like this product because it straps to your chest protector and helps keep you cool underneath your protector. The only downside to this is it stays cold only an hour but being as flexible and not having the feeling of a block of ice under your protector, I don’t see how it could do much better. I think it’s a very helpful product just wished it stayed colder longer but does exactly what it says so can’t complain.

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Questions About This Product

Q: I have already purchased this product and absolutely love it but my one concern is the material that's inside to help it freeze is coming out a little bit more every time I use it. Can you tell me how to keep that from happening?
– Michael Almony

I assume a small rupture has occurred in one of the Therma-Freeze pockets. Not much can be done to repair this pocket since the water is trapped inside. Reducing the amount of water initially filled within the Therma-Freeze will reduce the tension at the seams and reduce the chance of a rupture.

– Ty Unthank
Marketing Specialist, HS & College Umpire

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