Listen to "Both Sides of the Mask" Podcast with Guest Jim Kirk

Jul 14th, 2020

Umpires Liz Hammerschmidt and Tony Williams launched the Both Sides of the Mask podcast in 2020 for umpires to "talk about what it’s like behind the mask" both on and off the field.

Our President Jim Kirk was a recent special guest for their longest podcast to date. With no agenda, Liz, Tony and Jim free-wheeled into various topics such as:

  • Differences between softball and baseball umpire gear needs plus female needs
  • Trends of products being developed by umpires including KoolBlues
  • A tongue-in-cheek campaign to "Say No to Heather Grey"
  • A tip to keep your shin guards from catching on your pants
  • COVID's effects on business
  • Cloth masks, summer umpiring and donation program feel-good stories
  • Tony & Liz's umpiring updates including what big event Tony is doing soon

Their podcast is a great listen when traveling. Listen in on the conversation below:


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