Two Key Strategies for Staying Cool in Hot Games

Jun 29th, 2020

We wanted to hear from our customers' their best tips for staying cool when working games in hot temperatures. There were almost 100 responses and a majority of them focused on two things: what you put in your body and what you put on your body.

What you put IN YOUR BODY

What you put in your body before, during and after you work is critical to beat-the-heat. Do not wait until you are on the field to start hydrating.

Matthew D Wallace: “...start drinking 2 gallons of water 2 days before game day, with 3 waters to 1 Gatorade through the day of umpiring.”

Daniel Usrey: “I just make sure I drink plenty of water / Pedialyte for the entire week before and during [my games].”

Michael Hanson: “Water, Gatorade, and fruit.”

what you put ON YOUR BODY

The equipment and tools you choose can also have the cooling effect you need for those hot and humid days on the field. There are many different products out there, but cooling towels and light color umpire shirts, are the most recommended.

Mike Combs: “…I take a small cooler to the games and keep water and the blue reusable cold cloths. Another way to stay cool is purchasing a white or cream Smitty Umpire Shirt from…”

Tim Neasham: “I use a product called a Water Bottle Parka by Keeps my Gatorade squeeze bottle nice and chilly for hours.”

Joe Sheridan: "Besides Gatorade, lots of towels and wrist bands. And as light as possible jersey color.”

Jim Fox: "Frogg Toggs [or McDavid cool towel] cut into ballcap size pieces,rotating several through my iced cooler and worn under my cap, especially on the dish. Frogg Toggs, iced, wrapped around the neck."


The latest cooling and recovery products beneficial to umpires and referees are the Cryoscarf and Cryohelmet by Catalyst. Both these products feature ice packs strategically located for maximum relief and are gaining interest in the officiating community.

Thank you to all who submitted a tip to stay cool on the field this summer!

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