NoSweat Cap Liners Used by NHL Officials Have Benefits to Umpires and Referees in Other Sports

Jun 23rd, 2017

What is it about the NoSweat Cap Liners that created such a buzz and sold out within 24 hours after we launched them?

The NHL knows. Every NHL Official uses a NoSweat Liner in their helmet. In fact, the NHL Officials Association is NoSweat’s largest customer. They ordered over 17,000 units for the 2016-2017 NHL season! That’s 17 with 3 zeroes. 12 NHL teams also endorse the product including the 2017 Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins. NoSweat is even being used by PGA Players, PBR Riders, and NASCAR and Formula 1 Drivers.

So what exactly is the NoSweat Disposable Cap Liner? It’s a patented design that sticks easily inside your cap (or helmet) and absorbs sweat. So, that means no more sweat dripping down your face and getting into your eyes. Depending on the amount you sweat, you’ll need one for every 1 to 4 games before you remove and replace.

NoSweat Gap Liner Head Graphic

This product can also extend the life of your cap or helmet by preventing sweat stains from building up. So if you sweat and wear any umpire or referee headwear, this is a must have for you.

NoSweat was brought to our attention by Minor League Baseball. As the official uniform provider for the MiLB Umpires, the league asked our opinion on the product. We, in turn, field tested them at the NCAA and High School levels. Most gave very positive reviews, and we are now bringing them to you and rest of the officiating community.

Try a 3-Pack of NoSweat Cap Liners today for just $4.99 or a 12-Pack for $17.99.


NoSweat Cap Liner Demo

See how NoSweat's patented technology works.

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