Officials Spotlight: Janet L Thomas

Mar 18th, 2020

Janet Thomas 1 


Pin PointWhere are you from?

Buford, GA

OK When/where did you start officiating?

"I coached my son’s baseball team for 6 years and started umpiring in my area when I knew my son was trying out for the HS team. If he made the team, my coaching days were over. Many umpires had been encouraging me to try it, so I did! 14 years later, I’m still on the field!"

Heart What do you love most about officiating?

"I love conversations with the catchers when working the plate. I could write a book but I don’t think most people would believe me! It’s good to get in the slot, and know that I can be consistent from first pitch to last pitch."

Baseball Which sports do you officiate?

"I umpire baseball. Primarily HS (currently the only woman in my county to do so) and then I also do travel and youth baseball."

Janet Thomas 2

Boom Highlight of your career?

"I worked the semi-finals for GHSA (GA) state playoffs in 2019. I was the first woman to work this round."

Janet Thomas 3

Juggling WomanTricks of the trade

"I try to travel light, but I also try to pack weird things like an extra pair of black shoelaces, a needle and thread, safety pins, and an extra pair of pants! You never know when something is going to break and needs to be fixed fast!"


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