Female Umpires Committee to Advise on Gear & Clothing Needs

Jul 7th, 2020

Current umpires Kelly Dine, Liz Hammerschmidt and Janet Thomas and former umpire Ila Valcarcel make up a committee of female umpires of varying levels and degrees of experience in baseball and softball formed and facilitated by President Jim Kirk.

The committee will work alongside Jim and select manufacturers to spearhead development and/or availability of umpire gear and apparel that fits and/or protects female umpires properly.

Kelly Dine

Kelly Dine

Kelly is a NCAA, NAIA, & Prospect League baseball umpire. She was the Crew Chief and plate umpire for the 2019 Little League Baseball World Series championship game in Williamsport PA. She recently worked her first D1 non-con baseball games and is an OHSAA baseball umpire instructor.

Liz HammerschmidtLiz Hammerschmidt

Liz is a NCAA softball umpire and current BIG10 crew chief (5 years) where she has also worked two conference championships. She adds to her NCAA resume two D2 National Championships, one D1 Super Regional, four D1 Regionals and experience as an evaluator and clinician. She also worked 2 National Pro Fastpitch Championships and is the creator and co-host of the “Both Sides of the Mask” podcast.

Janet Thomas

Janet Thomas

Janet is primarily a high school umpire from Buford, Georgia. A 14-year veteran, she also umpires travel and youth baseball. In 2019, she became the first woman to umpire a Georgia High School Association state tournament semi-final round.

Ila ValcarcelIla Valcarcel

Ila has umpired at all levels of baseball including College, MiLB scrimmages, the Women's World Cup in Japan and New York Mets exhibition games. A graduate of the Wendlestedt Umpire School and 20 years of on and off field experience, she has also served as an umpire evaluator and supervisor. Ila volunteers her knowledge with other umpires at the MLB Umpire Camp in Fort Myers, FL and at the MiLB Umpire Training Academy working specifically with female umpires to maximize their on-field appearance and authority.

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  • As a female, our hips can be a problem when attempting to fit into pants made for men. I have to purchase a much lager sized men’s pants to fit my hips, then have the pants tailored. I know Smitty does make pants for women up to size 20. However, because of health issues, I need a larger size. Usually women’s pants are sized 20-22, 24-26, 26-28, 30-32. Please advocate for larger pant sizes for women umpires. It would be appropriate so we too, can look professional on the field.

    • Comment by Elizabeth A Filocamo
    • Apr 10, 2024