Fox 40 Classic ECLIPSE Referee Whistle

WECLIPSE Fox 40 Classic ECLIPSE Referee Whistle

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The original Fox 40 Classic Referee Whistle has been re-engineered for maximum performance and style, resulting in the Fox 40 Classic Eclipse! The Fox 40 Classic Eclipse offers the authentic Classic sound in a sleek new design, which features an integrated co-molded Cushioned Mouth Grip.

It has the feel of a cushioned mouth guard without the added feature. Same decibels (115) as the standard model and 6 more than the Fox 40 mini.

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Hear Fox 40 Eclipse Referee Whistle in Action

Fox 40 blows the Eclipse Referee whistle


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Customer Reviews


Timothy B.

Katy, TX

March 15, 2017
Whistle works great. Perfect size for a lanyard.

Stephen O.

Tyler, TX

June 26, 2014
This is my favorite Fox 40 whistle. I like the fact that the mouthguard is designed as part of the whistle and not something that is just stuck on. In my experience the mouthguard on the eclipse is more durable than that of the classic. It is the only whistle I have bought and used the past couple of seasons.


Lexington, South Carolina

February 10, 2013
I just worked my my first two sets of games with the Sonic Eclipse. The mouth-guard of the Eclipse is significantly smaller than the Fox 40. The new design is fine, but because of the small mouth guard, you really have to blow this whistle hard to produce the same sound as the Fox 40. Both the Fox 40 and the Fox Sonic are louder whistles.

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