Five Trends of Summer Umpire Gear & Apparel

Jul 30th, 2018

Sky Blue Is The New Summer Umpire Shirt Standard
Majestic and Smitty Sky Blue Umpire Shirts
Majestic MLB & Smitty Replica Umpire Shirts - Sky Blue with Black Side Panels

Matching Your Mask Pads To Your Shirt Color

Wilson Pads with Colors

Wilson MLB Black & Grey Wrap Around Pads

Wilson MLB Sky Blue & Tan Memory Foam Pads
(Discontinued, Sky Blue with Black Now Available.)

Poly Spandex Is The New Go-To Performance Fabric For Summer Umpire Pants

Poly Spandex Umpire Pants
Charcoal Grey Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Umpire Pants

Wallets with Magnets To Hold Your Lineup Cards Are Now An Essential Umpiring Tool

6" or 5" Pro Grade Magnetic Lineup Holder

Advanced Cooling Products For During And Now After The Game, Too

Catalyst Cryoscarf
Catalyst Cryoscarf

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