Catalyst Cryohelmet Research and Videos

Feb 18th, 2019

The Catalyst Cyrohelmet is the best product you do not have in your freezer. Don't take our word for it. See the videos and research below on why cooling your head using the Cryohelmet is great for post-concussion, migraines and improved sleep.

YouTube Videos

Dr. Farrgo, Inventory of Cryohelmet
Inventor of Cryohelmet (Dr. Farrago) Talks Why He Invented It
 (1 minute)

The Jurgas from All-Star discuss the Catalyst Cryohelmet
The Jurgas from All-Star Talk About the Cryohelmet
(12 minutes)

The Migraine Guy Reviews the Catalyst Cryohelmet
YouTube Video Review from The Migraine Guy
 (12 minutes)


Best-Selling Author JP Summers' 3-Year Review of the Cryohelmet

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