Bicep Protection for Umpires - Use it or Lose it?

Jun 11th, 2013

Some umpire chest protectors like the Wilson Charcoal Umpire Chest Protector, Diamond Pro and Schutt XV HDX come with added protection for the biceps. Unsure if you need bicep protection or not? We asked our Facebook followers what they thought and they weren't shy with their opinions!

Here's what these fellow umpires had to say:

The majority of umpires simply said "lose it!"  and some were more passionate:

Matt Riley - I threw those to a corner of my room the second they came out of the box. I just can't run right with those on and they look stupid hanging out of the shirt. I've never taken a shot there anyway.

JR McNee - Lose it...sure it hurts if you get hit...but you won't get hurt, there is a difference.

Ken Linder - Lose it! from my experience in baseball and softball I have never needed them and it seems like they just get in the way.

Bob Doran - Lose it but wish it was there on the couple of foul balls that get me each year

But the bicep protector did draw some support from the following umpires:

Billy Dunham  - Wow. Surprising. I like mine and I guess my sleeves are longer because they don't hang out. I don't recall taking a shot there, but then I've never been hit in the nuts and I'm sure you wear a cup!

Brad Poplin - Thought I didn't need it one game and sure enough, took a shot. Now I keep them, learned my lesson.

Zach Price - Depends on the level of the game. High school and mens league I take shots so use it. Below high school dump it

Joe Halley - Use it and love it

Have an opinion that wasn't shared here?  Let us know!  And for more information about choosing a chest protectors click here for our CP Buying Guide.

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