All-Star Matte Black MVP5 Umpire Helmet

All-Star Matte Black MVP5 Umpire Helmet with Deflexion™ Tech

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  • All-Star Matte Black MVP5 Umpire Helmet with Deflexion™ Tech
  • All-Star Matte Black MVP5 Umpire Helmet
  • All-Star Matte Black MVP5 Umpire Helmet with Deflexion™ Tech	Front
  • All-Star Matte Black MVP5 Umpire Helmet with Deflexion™ Tech	Side
  • All-Star Matte Black MVP5 Umpire Helmet with Deflexion™ Tech	Backside
  • All-Star Matte Black MVP5 Umpire Helmet with Deflexion™ Tech	Chin Top View
  • All-Star Matte Black MVP5 Umpire Helmet with Deflexion™ Tech	Chin Bottom View
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From Pro Umpires to Sandlot Stars, All-Star Sports® has defined safety in baseball for generations. Four years of extensive development has crafted The MVP5. It's packed with new advancements in protection and impact technology for the next generation of Baseball.


More than 60 years of company product innovation, collaborating with dozens of pro players, pro umpires, designers, engineers, and independent test labs has all led us to Deflexion™, the latest protective creation out of the All-Star® Test Lab, and featured proudly in our new MVP5 Umpire Helmet.

The best way to protect an umpire is to disperse energy from direct impacts, and Deflexion™ is the answer. Its ability to absorb and displace unwanted energy on impact is revolutionary.


  • All-new Deflexion™ technology is made of durable TPR Shock Hammocks placed along the forehead and chin to isolate your dome from the energy caused by direct impacts.
  • SEI/NOCSAE Certified
  • Cutting Edge Ventilation - New laser cut padding to reduce weight while dramatically increasing ventilation
  • Oversized Air Mesh 2.0
  • I-BAR BSP™ Cage - With the advent of “launch angle swing-paths” we’ve developed our proprietary I-BAR BSP™ (Back Swing Protection™) technology.
  • New shape enhances the structural stability of the helmet while improving overall weight distribution and balance for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Size: Head sizes 7 - 7 1/2
  • Weight: 3 lbs, 4 oz
  • Carry bag included
  • Replacement pads available diretly from All-Star


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Official Review: All-Star Matte Black MVP5 Umpire Helmet

Learn about the latest advancements in umpire protection, Deflexion Technology from All-Star and their MVP5 umpire helmet!

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Official Reviews

April 21, 2024   Verified Purchase
I've only worn this helmet for a couple of games, but so far it's fantastic. I really enjoy the extra protection and haven't felt a huge difference in weight or when running with the helmet. The main thing I'm getting used to is working with the helmet when I'm taking line-up changes or notes. The ventilation is excellent and I don't feel a huge temperature difference. It's also a great conversation starter with catchers. I'd also like to applaud Ump Attire's customer service. There was a very small issue with my order and they were quick to address my inquiry after some research. The communication was excellent and the resolution took just a couple of days.
October 17, 2023   Verified Purchase
First hockey style helmet I've purchased. I've only used it for a small amount of time but am very happy with it. The hits were absorbed like nothing. The matte black helps with glare if not wearing glasses. Weight may have to get use to it, the transition wasn't so bad since I own a Force3 defender mask. Looking forward to season and seeing how mask preforms during HS/travel/RBI/showcase tourneys and all other leagues. Stay tuned.
October 15, 2023   Verified Purchase
I have a big head and heard that this helmet was heavier than most, so I was a little apprehensive but decided to go for it anyway. With the adjustable padding and straps, this helmet is great for people with larger heads like mine (to make my big brain calls lol.) It does conform closer to the head/face than previous helmets I've had; which is going to be difficult if you have glasses that aren't close to your face. The helmet is noticeably heavier than others, but it is very well-balanced and I didn't notice much added stress to the neck the way you might expect. How does it perform, though, I hear you asking... Perfectly! In the first two weeks of the fall ball season, I took two shots off the helmet and didn't flinch. My last helmet would have been fine protection, but I would have felt it. With this, it was as if someone threw a tennis ball at me and not all that hard. Not perfect by any means, but the best helmet I have ever tried. I would definitely buy it again.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Does the padding come out to clean like the older model System 7? I have a Force3 the interior padding keeps separating. I love the protection of the Force3. Direct shots just ting and you feel nothing. I've had concussions I have the Force3 mask for FASTPITCH. Need your input please, they are quite pricey.
– Camm Kapilla

Yes, the interior padding is attached by Velcro and removable for cleaning.

– Hunter Fry
Supplier Relationship Manager, Customer Service Specialist, Former Basketball Referee

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