Proper Positioning for Throat Guards on Umpire Helmets

Oct 4th, 2023

Just as throat guards on traditional umpire masks, there is a preferred position for throat guard placement on hockey-style umpire helmets for optimal protection.

For helmets, the throat guard should be placed as an extention of the helmet. To best achieve this, match your brand helmet with its same brand throat guard. See below for best placement by umpire helmet brand - Wilson, All-Star, and Force3.

wilson pro Stock Umpire Helmets

Attach Wilson MLB 4" or 6" throat guards to the lowest crossing bar and outside of the "U" shaped bar.

All-Star MVP5 Umpire Helmets

Attach All-Star 6" or 4" throat guards to the lowest bar of the cage. This is the same position for All-Star System 7 helmets.

force3 Defender umpire Helmet

Attach the Force3 Defender Throat Guard to the 2nd lower most crossbar and outside the upside-down "U" shaped bar which places the guard right at the base of the frame.

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