Now Officially a Family Business

Mar 27th, 2015

Jim and Lori Kirk

Multiple developments occurred simultaneously that made the hiring of my wife Lori an easy decision. Besides having a part-time opening in the marketing department, I began wondering, "What will happen to the business if something happens to me?”  Up until this point, I had no crisis plan for this contingency.

In the meantime, Lori needed a change from teaching elementary school.  The little country school she taught at and attended as a child was shutting its doors. It seemed like a good time to make a transition into a role at that she had been interested in since we began.

Lori is a great writer and has such an outgoing, creative personality. She is not only doing well in this marketing role, but is also learning more about the business first hand. As an educator, she understands the value of empowering our customers through valuable information on the website, whether it is in product descriptions, blogs or social media.

I am very happy to have her on board. Her main roles will be serving as the point person on all our marketing and social media efforts including writing product copy and editing all of my mistakes.

Lori joins our 12 year old son, Ben, who always pitches in back in the warehouse in the summer and on holidays when he is not playing baseball for his school or competitive team.  He’s sent packages out all over the world and his favorite part of working in the warehouse is talking sports and having lunch with our warehouse lead, Brandon Lawson. 

As a catcher and pitcher, he has taken a keen interest in umpire protective gear and knows a lot about the equipment we carry.  If you ever umpire one of his games, he might try to sell you a chest protector or a mask!  All kidding aside, he’s a hard worker on the field and in the warehouse.

 Ben Kirk picks up box in warehouse
Ben packing up boxes to ship out!

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President Jim Kirk

Jim has a heart for sports officials and is a leading expert on umpire gear, safety and apparel. After playing baseball at Centre College, he worked as a high school umpire during the Elbeco shirt years. He became involved in E-Commerce while working on an MBA in the early 2000s and bought in 2006. Jim is proud of's success, staff and support for multiple groups including Minor League Baseball Umpires, Minor League Baseball Umpire Training Academy, the Wounded Warriors Umpire Academy and UMPS CARE, the charity of MLB umpires. He served on the UMPS CARE board of directors and was named their 2015 Ambassador Award recipient.


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