Top 12 Trending Football Gear & Apparel for Fall 2021

Sep 14th, 2021

With a new season on the horizon, see the top 12 trending items in gear & apparel.


Under Armour Referee Caps

Officials have taken to 2020’s change in size options that provides a more fitted look.


Smitty Performance Poly Spandex Tapered Fit Football Pants

Flexible, comfortable, cooler, tapered, affordable - with all these adjectives, it’s no wonder this has become Smitty’s top football pant.


Under Armour Yard Turf Shoes

A great combination of comfort, uniform-match and traction on multiple surfaces.


Smitty 2 1/4" Stripe Body Flex Short Sleeve Football Shirt with CHEST USA FLAG

4-way stretch fabric is the fabric officials are now gravitating to most. 


Fox 40 Sonik Blast Whistles

With fans back in the stands, football officials are looking to be heard with the whistle best for larger venues.


Midland Referee Communication System - 2 Pack

Communication systems for football continue to go mainstream with the Midland providing the most affordable and simple solution.


Football Referee Flip Coin

Officials have flipped over this unique coin to start back on the field.


Smitty Single Sided Referee Throw Down Bag

Accessories from the provider of NCAA Championships are popular this season, led by this single-sided throw down bag in black or blue.


Cap Keep for 2 Caps

Cap Keep is the only cap-carrying option that stores multiple caps and allows you to wash them in the dishwasher - important as many officials needed to wash the dust off after missing last season.


Premium Ball Center Referee Penalty Flag - Black Ball

The high-quality, made in the US penalty flag - with a black ball - is now chosen by 3 out of 5 officials.


The Clasp - Football Penalty Flag Clip

Officials who have experienced losing their flag are relying on this top new accessory.


Fox 40 Tri-Layer Whistle Mask

When a mask is required or desired, this is the current go-to COVID-related football whistle solution.

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