Top 10 Umpire & Referee Videos from 2020

Jan 5th, 2021

We rank the 10 videos you watched most in 2020.

  1. Crew How-To: Properly Attach Your Umpire Throat Guard

    Ty shows you how to properly attach the umpire throat guard to your umpire mask.

  2. Crew How-To: Crease Your Umpire Cap Just Like the Pros

    Brandon shares why umpires crease their caps and step by step instructions to achieve the perfect cap crease.

  3. Make A Good First Impression

    Ty shows you his pre-game routine to make a great first impression.

  4. The Dish: All-Star Cobalt Official Launch

    Get an in-depth look into All-Star's new line of Cobalt Umpire Gear featuring Stan Jurga, Jr., Matt Arcovio and Jim Kirk.

  5. 56 Umpire Shirts for the #coop56challenge

    In remembrance of late MLB Umpire #56 Eric Cooper, Ben puts on 56 umpire shirts taking part in the #coop56challenge sponsored by UMPS Care Charities.

  6. Crew How-To: Pack Your Umpire Equipment Bag

    Ty shows you one of many ways an umpire can pack their equipment bag.

  7. Say Anything To Officiate

    We long for the sports shutdown end with our spoof of the classic John Cusack movie scene.

  8. The Dish: A Conversation with Fielden Culbreth

    Jim and the 2-time World Series Umpire talk about his MLB Career, umpire gear and UMPS Care Charities.

  9. Blown Away by Cobalt

    Ty is blown away when he opens his All-Star Cobalt Umpire Chest Protector and Skull Cap for the first time!

  10. Umpire Gear Protection: Beyond the Basics

    At the NASO Virtual Summit, Jim and Ty show you an in-depth look at the latest protective gear for sports officials.

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