The V3 vs V2: New Balance's Umpire Base Shoes Improvements Summarized

Sep 23rd, 2019

New Balance upgrades their field shoes every 3 years. The latest edition is the V3, the 2020 version launched this September.

The biggest change in the V3 is enhanced comfort. The memory foam midsole makes a dramatic difference. Here is a quick rundown of all the upgrades from the V3 in a side-by-side comparison to the V2.

Fresh Foam Midsole & Insole

You'll notice this in the honeycomb pattern of the V3 midsoles and in the thicker insoles. This is an upgrade from the V2 RevLite foam. Both foams are light, but the Fresh Foam memory foam is much softer, which will translate into more comfort for multiple hours of wear.

Less Mesh

This was the first and most significant issue many of you raised with the V2 model. "There is too much mesh...It won't be easy to clean" we heard. The V3 subtracts more than 60% of the mesh from the sides of both the V2 low and mid-cuts. The mesh is now (mostly) concealed by your pant line. No doubt, the V3 will be easier to clean than the V2.


Easier to see than explain, the V3 traction pattern is a hybrid between the V1 (all "nubby" style not loved by many) and the V2. The V2 had traction more conducive to forward motion. The V3 is a hybrid of both. This should prove more versatile for the multiple directions you must move and on the many surfaces where you must officiate. So for dirt, grass and turf and for baseball, softball, football or lacrosse, the new V3 traction provides the best of all worlds.

LogoS and Logo Placement

Most noticeable, the V3 has the "N" logo placed more aggressively on the front/side toe, rather than in the traditional middle-of-the-shoe location on previous New Balance models. The side logo has a smaller footprint, is no longer raised and has a silver outline on both the all-black and the black/white. The V2 model had a grey outline on the all-black version only.

The back logo on both the V2 and V3 is the "NB" logo. There the V3's logo is larger, but it is no longer raised as it was on the V2. Also, the V3 logo is the silver color that matches the logo outline color on the side. Before, the logo color matched the sole color.


The reason the V2 added so much mesh in the first place was to reduce weight from the V1 model. For the V3, the shoe has the same weight as the V2 due to the addition of lighter materials elsewhere in the shoe.

Sizing = same

All V2 styles come in multiple widths and same sizes: standard D (sizes 7-15), wide 2Es (8-15) and extra-wide 4Es (9-15). If you found the perfect fit in your V2, the V3 sizes will continue to fit you the same way.


Price is still MAP (minimum allowed pricing) by New Balance of $85.

Note: Originally, we may have mentioned the V3 were going to have a "lace cage". This was discussed in a prototype, but it was not added.


While New Balance kept the same 2 x 2 models - 2 all-black shoes and 2 black and white shoes; 2 low-cuts and 2 mid-cuts, the model numbers are different.

Style: V2 Model# / V3 Model# (V3 without MLB Logo)
Low White: MU950LW2 / MU950BW3 (or MU950XT3)
Low Black: MU950LK2 / MU950BK3 (or MU950AK3)
Mid White: MU950MW2 / MUM950W3 (or MUM950T3)
Mid Black: MU950MK2 / MUM950K3 (or MUM950B3)


Tell us what you think in the comments below. Do you like the V3 or V2 better? What was your experience with the V2? What questions do you have about either one?

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  • I have just finished 3rd season of version 2 mid cut. 2nd time around. 3 years is the max I can get out of these shoes as I do approximately 200 games per season combined codes NCAA, NFHS, USA, and USSSA fastpitch softball. Great shoes. 1 complaint: too much mesh and too difficult to keep clean. Expecting nothing short of excellence from V3 with less mesh. Here's a hack: Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Tile Cleaner. YES, it works. Just shake well, spray foam on both leather and mesh surfaces, let it work for a minute and wipe off. It's amazing and it works for the newest versions of NB plate and base shoes which don't need to be polished, just wiped. The stuff is great. Works on shin guards too!

    • Comment by Mark Furman
    • Jan 8, 2022
  • I wish you had it in black and black.

    • Comment by Charles Silva
    • Sep 18, 2020
  • I have use the V2- black/white low, great shoe nice fit and comfort. I have recently purchased the V3-black/white low and will expect the same. Good looking shoe.

    • Comment by JERRY WEST
    • Oct 20, 2019
  • GREAT INFORMATION - Wore these for the first time yesterday, ordered the mid cut version, due to a lower leg / ankle issue. VERY VERY comfortable, yes the insole is much thicker. Size, no issues compared to the V2 going to the V3. New Balance has done it again. Very easy to clean fellow umpires. Even through them in the washing machine (cold wash delicate cycle, no issues, let them air dry).

    • Comment by Jim Taylor
    • Oct 7, 2019
  • I like the new V3 looks. The best new feature is less mesh. The mesh on the V2 was hard to keep and clean. Good improvement.

    • Comment by Wayne Herl
    • Oct 5, 2019
  • I have used the V2 black/white mid top for 2 seasons. Outstanding base shoes. I agree with the “to much mesh,” I have now purchased the newer V3 all black for upcoming HS season. Looking forward to “Easier to Clean” factor.

    • Comment by Bryan Chapa
    • Oct 5, 2019