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Nov 11th, 2019

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We are extremely excited to announce our sponsorship with Battlefields to Ballfields (B2B). B2B is an organization founded by Mike Pereira. Mike is the former Vice President of Officiating for the NFL and current Fox NFL & College Football Rules Analyst.

Battlefields to Ballfields provides veterans and active-duty military scholarships to integrate back into their communities through officiating. The scholarships include uniforms for the recipient's sport.

B2B is working with two sports officiating retailers to help veterans begin their journey. We will help provide gear and shoes. Cliff Keen Officials will help provide clothing.

According to Mike Pereira,

"Our mission at B2B is two-fold: We want to help U.S. Armed Forces return home and provide them an opportunity to serve again by becoming a sports official helping to guide the future of our young people who are involved in sports. And also, our foundation connects the dots between veterans, youth, and community. Through our first three years, we have enrolled over 200 veterans to take part."

B2B has a goal of registering 100+ Veterans & Active-Military Members in their scholarship program over the next year.

To learn more about Battlefields to Ballfields or register for one of their scholarships, visit

Jim Kirk and Mike Pereira discuss B2B
Jim Kirk and Mike Pereira discuss B2B


Battlefields to Ballfields Feature

Mike Pereria shares some insights about his organization to help Veterans become sports officials.

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