Wilson MLB 6" Umpire Throat Guard

A3901-BK Wilson MLB 6" Umpire Throat Guard

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  • A3901-BK Wilson MLB 6" Umpire Throat Guard
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Tough, molded plastic in Wilson umpire throat guard won't bend or break. 6" size with with button-snap straps will fit any brand umpire mask. Available in black with black and white MLB logo.

Questions about this Product

Q. Because of extended mask frames, do I need a throat protector?

A. Yes. While the extended frame design on most masks will protect your adam's apple from most missed or foul balls, it's easy for balls in the dirt to bounce up underneath the mask. Get more protection with at least a 4" inch throat protector.

John Murphy, Senior League Umpire - 6+ Years

Q. "A ball was fouled off the ground and hit the (4 inch) throat protector causing it to swing up and strike my Adam's apple. Do you think the 6" throat protector would help to prevent this by swinging and hitting the chest protector instead."
A. "For some the 4" works better. Some say that the 6" sometimes gets 'stuck' on their chest protector, but some prefer the 6". The MLB umpires do typically wear the larger so maybe they're on to something, and it is without question more protective due to the added length. I would try the 6" and decide which works best for you.

Product Video

Crew How-To: Properly Attach Your Umpire Throat Guard

Ty shows you how to correctly attach your throat guard to your umpire mask for maximum protection.


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Official Reviews

June 14, 2024   Verified Purchase
I applied it to my Diamond mask. In buying the 6”, I will say it is pretty big. Very durable, I attached mine with zip ties for a tight fit and it works really well. For my second throat guard, I bought a 4” and I am excited to put that on my back up mask to see how it works!
October 11, 2023   Verified Purchase
Like the length and ease of attachment. The second throat guard I've owned. The first one lasted a year before the snaps rusted and broke on a different brand.
March 23, 2023   Verified Purchase
I wear an All-Star helmet. This is the first time I've put a throat protector on my mask. I want to take all the precautions necessary. It looks good with my brand new Wilson West Vest chest protector.

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Questions About This Product

– Patrick Williams

Yes, the Wilson 6" Umpire Throat Guard is compatible with the All-Star Matte Black System 7 Umpire Helmet.


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WARNING: Participants in any sports activity assume risk of injury. This equipment may be used to help aid in preventing or reducing the extent of injury. No equipment can guarantee umpire or player safety from injury during participation, and use of this equipment carries no such guarantee. Do not use any umpire equipment that is damaged in any way.