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Neat Tucks Active

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  • Neat Tucks Active
  • Neat Tucks Active
  • Neat Tucks Active
  • Neat Tucks Active
  • Neat Tucks Active
  • Neat Tucks Active
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Ever had to struggle with keeping your umpire or referee uniform tucked? This product is designed to keep you looking professional while you carry out your job. It doesn't matter how much movement you have to make on the field or court, Neat Tucks Active is just what you need to keep your uniform in place. No more worrying about your look and no more awkward moments when the camera zooms in on you adjusting your shirt! This awesome look is achieved by attaching Neat Tucks clips to shirt tail and then fastening the buckles around the leg.


  • Strong rugged clips that remains fastened even while running, jumping, bending, stretching or crouching
  • Designed with very soft, light weight but durable fabric that stays comfortably in place and absolutely burden free allowing you to focus on the game
  • Color: black
  • Sold as a pair
  • Light weight at 2.5 oz per pair
  • Machine washable or dry cleanable
  • Carry pouch included

Product Video

OFFICIAL 2-MINUTE REVIEW: Neat Tucks Active Thigh Wrap Shirt Holder Stays with Locking Clamps

ACC/SEC Baseball Umpire Scott Kennedy gives you a detailed look for the Neat Tucks Active Shirt Holder Stays that he uses for his umpire uniform to keep a professional appearance on the field.


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Customer Reviews


Robert T.

Vancouver, WA

March 22, 2019
Love these! They grip the shirt much tighter than the clip-on style shirt stays. I don't have to worry about the clasps coming loose, and my shirt coming out of my pants, while behind the plate. I also like having the straps around my thighs, instead of my feet. So comfortable. I don't even notice they're there. These are a must have, to keep that professional appearance on the field!

Bryan F.

Port Angeles, WA

January 29, 2019
This piece of gear is a must have for all sporting officials, they are made well and don't fall apart like other brands I have used in then past.

Gerald W.

Rineyville, KY

January 28, 2019
The Neat-Tucks hold my shirt in place but they don't hold the shirt snug and I guess my thighs are too small because I have them adjusted as tight as they will go but they still have slack in them, so I don't wear them much. I have some garters that I wore while I was active duty that work much better.

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Questions About This Product

Q: I get dressed at home and then put on all protective gear at the game site. There are no dressing rooms. How hard would it be to use this product under these conditions?
– Kevin Huff

NeatTucks are a very easy to use product. Attach the clips to the proper locations on your umpire or referee shirt. Put the shirt on, wrap the straps around your leg and fasten the snap buckles. Wear at an angle and your NeatTucks are ready to go!

– Ty Unthank
Customer Service Specialist, Pro Umpire School Graduate and Umpire

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