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PLT-PRO Plate-Pro Umpire Shirt Stays

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Everyone knows it's harder to keep your shirt tucked when working behind home plate. There are several shirt stay styles on the market, but these Plate-Pro Shirt Stays are the only ones designed specifically for plate umpires.

Designed by military veteran and pro umpire school graduate Paul Allmon, the shirt stays quickly and easily attach to your shirt and any style umpire shin guards. The result is a tucked, tight and crisp uniform shirt combined with ease-of-use, less hassle and maximum comfort.


These shirt stays simply clip into shin guards with metal buckles (Wilson, Champro, All-Star and Diamond). For shin guards with plastic buckles, there is an included adapter that you attach to the shin guard for the attachment point (Force3 and Diamond DLG-LITES).

After securing, adjust the shirt stay's elastic band on each shin guard to the desired tension.

See step-by-step instructions for additional details.

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Welcome to Plate Pro

Welcome to Plate Pro, makers of the first shirt stay designed specifically for the home plate umpire that doesn't connect to your body. Thanks for watching!

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Official Reviews

November 30, 2023   Verified Purchase
Very happy I found this product. I had been using regular shirt-stays (the kind that hook around your foot), but this made dressing for plate games a pain. These are perfect for the plate, hook right into your shin guards, and do a great job at keeping you looking professional out there.
October 3, 2023   Verified Purchase
Used them for the 1st time during a 2 hour game. Held well. Slight issue getting the shirt clip to hold initially, but adjusted slightly and seems to be doing well.
August 24, 2023   Verified Purchase
I NEVER go out while working the plate without these. Having served 21 years in the military, I was always messing with my shirt and making sure it was tucked. With these on, I never even think about it anymore.

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