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  • ULF-ICE-TOW UMPLIFE Ice Towel Worn
  • ULF-ICE-TOW UMPLIFE Ice Towel Worn
  • ULF-ICE-TOW UMPLIFE Ice Towel Worn
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The UMPLIFE Ice Towel is not your typical cooling towel.

It activates (and re-charges) instantly when dipped in water, without needing to put it on ice.

Plus, the towel is long and thin to discreetly wear around your neck, keeping the heat of the sun off, and tucked inside your umpire or referee shirt. 


  • Radiator-like fibers circulate, regulate and evaporate moisture evenly
  • Large 36" x 11" surface area
  • Performance knit fabric won't degrade with each water recharge
  • Black on one side, grey on lhe other for low-contrast with similar umpire and referee shirt colors
  • Washable and reusable
  • Reusable plastic storage case with zipper

Best Practice for Wear

After you dip it in water, simply wring it and give it a snap to rid excess water without the drip. Recharge and repeat when needed.

Product Video

How-To: Stay Cool with the UMPLIFE Ice Towel

UMPLIFE creator Ray Brownlie shows you the many ways the Ice Towel will keep you cool on the field or court.


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Official Reviews


Tony C.

Richmond, KY

July 29, 2021
Wish I had bought this sooner. Really like it!

Norm G.

Bel Air, MD

July 3, 2021
The towel works well, and it's black color matches seamlessly with the umpire's uniform.

Evan B.

Austin, TX

June 30, 2021
Worked well for about 15 mins. Best part is just keeping the sun off your neck. If you use it, I wouldn't snap it just wring it out and leave more water on it.

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