Cool-Catcher Max Helmet Cooling System

CCBLK001MAX Cool-Catcher Max Helmet Cooling System

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  • CCBLK001MAX Cool-Catcher Max Helmet Cooling System
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  • CCBLK001MAX Cool-Catcher Max Helmet Cooling System Helmet Assembled with Ice Pack View
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Imagine for summer games being able to securely place an ice-cold cooling pack on the back of your umpire helmet to help keep you cool. That's the Cool-Catcher Max! 

The patent-pending Cool-Catcher system includes an attachment that easily clips around the back of your helmet and spot to easily velcro and securely hold 1 of 3 gel cooling packs that comes with your set.

The Cool-Catcher fits most standard hockey style helmets plus umpire helmets found here including All-Star MVP 4000, Force3 Defender and Wilson Pro Stock. It easily wraps around the helmet's back by 2 straps that snaps with 2 plastic clips. With clips on the outside and soft velcro on the inside, you are ready to cool down by attaching a gel pack.

Best practice is to place 3 gel packs in the freezer for a minimum of two hours. Take them out and loosen them with your hands (so it's not so hard). Place them in a small cooler with ice so they are ready for game time use. If your attachment is already in place, velcro the ice packs and cover with the extra material. When you are no longer feeling the cooling effect, between innings, remove 1 gel pack for another. 

System includes Cool-Catcher attachment and 3 cooling packs.

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Installation Instructions for Cool Catcher Max

N0 more pocket! Cool-Catcher Max has been redesigned to give MAX cooling and make it easier to use. Option 1. Allows the cold gel pack to attach right to the cool-catcher for MAX cooling. Option 2. Allows you to wrap an extra layer of fabric over the cold gel pack if needed.


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Official Reviews

August 15, 2023   Verified Purchase
Really nice product to have - I wear it under my Force3 Hockey Mask. Each cool pack lasts 1-2 innings, depending on the conditions, so they need to be switched frequently, but it's better than nothing! The only real issue is I find myself adjusting my mask and the straps of the cooling system frequently to find the right fit. It's easy to swap the cool packs in and out though.
July 3, 2021   Verified Purchase
This is a fantastic product!! I typically change the cooling disks every 2 innings or so, but they can certainly be changed more often, as switching them out is so easy! My highest recommendation!!
June 29, 2019
First year with it. Great product. First game was 90+, no breeze. 1st pack lasted over 2 innings, changed for the second pack and rolled the rest of the game. Full 7 innings. Almost too cold at first but felt better as the game went on. Comfortable and easy to swap. I showed it to the catchers and they ordered them between innings! I used to get headaches in the heat but not anymore!

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Questions About This Product

Q: Can this fit in the umpire skull caps?
– J.r. Lunsford

Yes, the Cool-Catcher Max Helmet Cooling System can be placed into the All-Star Cobalt Skull Cap. The Velcro strip inside the skull cap is the same hard brush side. You could replace it with the proper Velcro side and have the Cool-Catcher attached to the roof of the skull cap or simply just lay it in the cap and let it rest freely on your head, compressed by the skull cap being worn.

– Ty Unthank
Marketing Specialist, HS & College Umpire

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