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  • U126-PK Smitty Pro Knit Umpire Shirt - Pink Front View
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$1 Donated to the American Cancer Society with Purchase


Blue for Pink

Help raise breast cancer awareness with this pink Pro-knit umpire shirt from Smitty.


  • Made with 100% polyester performance mesh
  • Moisture management mesh fabric keeps you both cool in summer games and warmer in cooler games while maintaining its shape.
  • Shrink, wrinkle, and stain resistant for a durable, long life
  • Wicks moisture from the body, increasing comfort and providing an intangible performance advantage
  • Short-sleeved umpire shirt with three-button placket and a split tail design
  • For baseball or softball
  • Sized for plate

more things you can do to fight breast cancer

  • Female umpires: help reduce your risk of having breast cancer with regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, and limiting the amount of alcohol you drink.
  • If you are over 40, discuss the need for a mammogram with a medical professional.
  • Spread the word with your umpiring crew or association. 
  • Become a fan of "Blue for Pink" on Facebook.


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Official Reviews


Paul R.

Amherst, OH

June 16, 2021
True to size. Nice material. Great color for those hot days...BUY ONE!

Brian W.

Woodstock, IL

April 24, 2021
I feel every umpire should own of these at one point. Light, perfect fit, beautiful color and extremely breathable. Plus the pink shirt just makes us look so majestic out on the field. So you have quality, fashionable, comfortable and MAJESTIC.

Sung K.

Redding, CA

April 21, 2021
This pink umpire shirt is almost too nice to wear so I'm saving it for a special occasion or special game. That's how nice it looks.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Can you get a pink shirt with a Georgia patch?
– Ernest Campbell

I'm sorry Ernest, but this pink umpire shirt is only offered without logos or patches.

– Sherie Sandifer
Office/Service Manager

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