Smitty Heather Grey Combo Umpire Pants with Expander Waistband

S24X Smitty Heather Grey Combo Umpire Pants with Expander Waistband

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  • S24X Smitty Heather Grey Combo Umpire Pants with Expander Waistband
  • S24X Smitty Heather Grey Combo Umpire Pants with Expander Waistband
  • S24X Smitty Heather Grey Combo Umpire Pants with Expander Waistband
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  • FlexibleFit non-roll waistband provides 2" of stretch for better, more accurate fit and comfort.
  • Can be worn on bases or behind the plate
  • "Saddle-seat" sewn in giving added strength in the seat area
  • More room in legs for shin guards (approximately 22 "  knee)
  • 100% polyester
  • Heather grey
  • Pleated fronts
  • Comfortable non-roll expander waistband for better fit
  • Belt loops are 2"  tall allowing any size umpire belt to fit easily and are 3/4" wide for greater strength.
  • Side slash pockets
  • Button loop on back pocket
  • Wrinkle-resistant and washable
  • Umpire pants come unhemmed

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Crew How-To: Pressing and Ironing Your Umpire & Referee Pants

Ty gives you detailed, step-by-step, instructions to keep your umpire or referee pants looking sharp and crisp.

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Official Reviews


Eric D.

Westminster, MD

June 9, 2022
Very comfortable and flexible. I do wish they made them in length as well as width so I didn't need to get them hemmed though.

Brent B.

Twin Falls, ID

June 3, 2022
Just got these umpire pants. Did 7 games today in +80 degree weather, they weren't as hot as I thought. Fit is good to the waist line but they are long in the legs. If you don't have the time to get them hemmed, Wally World sells 2 sided fabric tape that will hold for at least 7 games, lol. Definitely going to get another pair.

Cinfy C.

Kenner, LA

April 1, 2022
Great umpire pants! They look great and very professional. Wash and dry well. Very comfortable.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Hello, I was wondering if there is a color difference between the medium grey 4 way stretch umpire pants, and the traditional heather grey umpire pants? Assigner told me to get heather grey, didn't know if each of the pants were the same or if they were different.
– Michael M

Yes, the shade of grey found in the Medium Poly Spandex is slightly lighter than traditional 100% polyester grey pants but will be the best match.

– Ty Unthank
Marketing Specialist, HS & College Umpire

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