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This all-weather pen can write on wet paper and "Rite in the Rain" products at any angle in temperatures of -30F to 250F so you never have to worry about recording vital game information in rain, snow or humid conditions as an outdoor official.


  • Black permanent ink (not intended for use on RefSmart cards).
  • 5" in length
  • Writes upside down

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Tools-in-Action: Rite In The Rain Pen & Information Cards

Keep a clear record no matter the weather conditions! This Black All-Weather Pen keeps ink flowing under water, sub-zero to over 250 degree temperatures, and defies gravity by writing upside down.

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Official Reviews


Chris M.

Everett, WA

July 10, 2021
Great product! Works really well! Definitely recommend for anyone who works games in tough weather! I would like to see it come in a different color besides black ink though. Made it tough to decipher the difference of line up and changes on my line up cards for Baseball.

Harris J.

Baltimore, MD

July 15, 2019
First use with this pen was of course in the rain! And it worked perfect!

Leslie C.

Knoxville, TN

June 8, 2018
Great pen. Of course I had to test it by writing under the faucet with it. I'm sure that's not the intended use, but guess worked. Love it!

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Questions About This Product

Q: Are ink refills available?
– Dick Falk

Ink refills are available directly from the manufacturer and can be purchased at directly from the manufacturer

– Josh Mann
Pro School Umpire Graduate

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