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Shoe-Shampoo Restore Shoe Shampoo

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  • Shoe-Shampoo Restore Shoe Shampoo
  • RESTORE Shoe Shampoo
  • RESTORE Shoe Shampoo
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RESTORE Shoe Shampoo washes away the dirt and stains from leather, suede, canvas, nylon, vinyl and rubber materials. The all-in-one bottle with bristle applicator tip allows you to easily clean your umpire and referee shoes without water.

This a great option to easily clean your all-black or black & white umpire shoes and patent leather or full-grain referee shoes. Restore Shoe Shampoo can also be used on dress, golf and athletic shoes.

RESTORE shoe care products have been used by the US Navy since 1997 and are made in the USA.


  • Black bristle scrubbing tip
  • Red center plunger keeps fluid contained.
  • Size: 4 liquid ounces is a gear bag-friendly size and will last 1-2 seasons.


  • Invert bottle and press brush top applicator against shoe.
  • Red plunger tip is compressed, releasing fluid. Scrub lightly
  • Wipe off access with cloth or sponge and allow to dry
  • Buff with cloth to a lustrous finish


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New Balance Base Shoe Care

Getting the white bottom base shoes game day ready #shoes #newbalance #amsr #amsrcleaning #polish #shine

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Official Reviews

December 23, 2023   Verified Purchase
This is a must have for cleaning your shoes!! Easy to use and leaves a nice coating of shine. Just finish with the Pedag shine sponge in most circumstances. You’ll be glad you did.
December 6, 2023   Verified Purchase
You won't be disappointed. I have a pair of older base shoes and this product made the white shine right up again. I use this after any game where my shoes get muddy. Cleans them right up.
September 10, 2023   Verified Purchase
I would give it six stars if I could. I used to think dawn got me by just fine. But this is amazing, Regardless of what’s on my shoes, this works great. Makes my field and plate shoes look brand-new.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Is it refillable? In other words, does it open so I could put another cleaner in it?
– Kent Walker

The bottle of shoe shampoo is a sealed container and does not open to be refilled.

– Palmer Thompson
Customer Service Specialist, Football Official

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