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CRYO-SCARF Cryoscarf

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  • CRYO-SCARF Cryoscarf
  • CRYO-SCARF Cryoscarf
  • CRYO-SCARF Cryoscarf
  • CRYO-SCARF Cryoscarf
  • CRYO-SCARF Cryoscarf
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Cool off between innings, at half-time or after your game with the Catalyst Cryoscarf.

Stay cool and on top of your game with the Cryoscarf

Cooling the head and/or neck during breaks from exercise in the heat leads to less dropoff in performance later in the game.


Many individuals also find that neck cooling alone, or using the Cryoscarf as a head wrap, can be very effective at treating their migraine pain and promoting healthy sleep.


This long-lasting, reusable, frozen neck wrap is a great alternative to gel packs that lose their effectiveness very quickly as well as other cooling options.

The Cryoscarf uses the same CryoMax™ reusable cold packs as the original Cryohelmet™ to apply therapeutic cooling to your neck.

Also includes an insulated carrying sleeve to keep your frozen Cryoscarf cold for hours.


  • Catalyst cold packs are reusable and long-lasting. Recharge in household freezer overnight.
  • Catalyst insulated bag keeps the Cryohelmet cold for hours for easy travel and treatments.
  • UltraCool™ fabric is moisture wicking and dries quickly.
  • Insulating neoprene shell (contains no natural rubber – latex free).
  • All parts are machine washable, line dry.
  • Color: black
  • One size fits most

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Allstar Catalyst Cryoscarf

The Allstar Catalyst Cryoscarf is a great tool for umpires as it will keep them cool on those hot and humid days so that they can perform to their maximum.


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Official Reviews


Skyler W.

Sandy, UT

August 2, 2021
I really like this product, it helps bring your temp down in between games. I took it down with me to a regionals tournament and it really helped get thru the 4-5 games on the 100 degree days. If it didn’t hinder your neck movement so much I would wear it out on the field.

Jeff & Susan T.

Albany, OR

August 1, 2018
Was a little cautious of how this would cool me down, but after 2nd game in a row at 90+ degrees - sure was glad I had it to use. Stayed cool enough for me after being out of freezer for 4 hours.

Kimberley G.

Eight Mile, AL

July 20, 2018
Outstanding product. I live in the hot and humid Gulf Coast and work travel ball on the weekends. Using this around my neck between games refreshes and cools me down. I highly recommend this to all umpires during the hot days of summer.

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Questions About This Product

Q: Can this wrap be worn during a game & does it have any concussion properties if an umpire takes a foul tip to the mask?
– James Statler

The Cryoscarf is not designed to be worn during the game, but rather after the game or between innings to cool down. It was not designed with any safety features in mind as far as preventing a concussion and we do not recommend that it be worn while on the plate. A cooling towel would likely be a better solution to wear a cooling item during the game and then use the Cryoscarf when relaxing after the game.


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