Our Impact with International Umpires Continues to Grow

Feb 5th, 2020

We have always been proud to give back where and when there is a need.

We have donated umpire pants to the Cuban Pro League for a mission trip MLB umpire Ted Barrett spearheaded through Calling for Christ

Calling for Christ Logo

We have shipped shirts and accessories to Jorge Bauza for distribution to amateur leagues in Latin America.

Jorge Bauza

We continue to sponsor the Caribbean World Series that has umpires from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Columbia and Venezuela.

Caribbean World Series

We sponsored our first camp outside of the U.S. in 2019, the Canadian Baseball Umpire Camp.

Canadian Baseball Umpire Camp

Indeed, we have a heart for sports officials here and abroad. Canada, Japan and Australia make up over half of our international shipments. We shipped to 31 total countries in 2019 of which Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Taiwan constituted the most of the rest.

We recently expanded our international involvement with a relationship with Umpires without Borders. Their mission is to give umpires around the world gear, clothing, education and training in countries where resources are limited.

Umpires without Boarders

Already through that organization, we have donated shirts to the Ekiti Kete Little League umpire group in Nigeria, Africa.

 Umpire Donation to Africa

For more information about Umpires without Borders, visit umpireswithoutborders.com/

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